The Inaugural


If there is one early lyric that captures the essence of Drake and could have served as a warning for everything to come, it’s this line from the second verse in Fear

In general,  Fear is a coming-of-age track about transitioning from a budding rapper to a superstar. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s hard not to look back at this line and smile, and also just be dumbfounded by how well it captures his entire ethos. This line basically lays out Drake’s entire playbook for the decade to come.

He perfectly captures the sentiment of the sensitive, reluctant rapper that would rather be at home watching Sex and the City than out at the club. This version of Drake has been critical to the online identity that fans love to poke fun at, and has inspired a world of memes, including the classic “Get in loser, we’re going crying” riff on Mean Girls

In the Marvin’s Room video, Drake stands in the bathroom of the club,  breathing deeply into the mirror as if the emotions of the moment are too much to handle. Isn’t this the exact sentiment he’s expressing? 

Honestly, this one might be a tombstone quote – it’s that good. It’s rare that a single couplet can so succinctly capture the core of a person, but somehow Drake did that here in a relatively forgotten track from the earliest days of his canon. Can’t say he didn’t warn us…


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